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I understand, both personally as a user of website and as a professional counselor, that the privacy of personal information is very important and is part of the ethical principles guiding clinical social work/counseling practice. I am committed to protecting any information that you may send through e-mail, fax, regular mail or voice mail as far as it is possible to do so.

Confidentiality is one of the ethical and legal principles of social work and counseling and we are committed to honoring those principles. However, most states, including Florida where we are located, require disclosure of information that would normally be confidential in certain situations: Florida Statutes 491.0147-- Confidentiality and privileged communications: Although these requirements are directed to clients, and website visitors are not clients, I will follow the principles of the law to the extent possible with website communications. Confidentiality is normally waived when:

a) a person gives permission to share information.
b) there is clear probability of physical harm to the person, to other individuals or groups, or to society. (It is not always possible to locate a person using the website, the site is not continually monitored and I cannot be responsible for any such threats or acts.)
c) a judge signs an order requiring disclosure
d) when the licensed person (in this case, Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW) is a defendent in any complaint, disciplinary action, civil or criminal action that is filed by the person who has revealed the information.

Information We Collect: 
Registration for Workshop or Ordering of Products:

When you fax or submit online a registration form or order for products, your information sent through a secure server and is saved to process the order and is backed up to a separate drive. The drive and any paper that may have your information is kept in our office records. I and one other person have access to that information and we take precautions to protect it. Sensitive information is shredded once it is no longer needed.

Some products are purchased through Paypal, which also uses secure servers. You are subject to their terms of use and should also read their privacy policies.

Website Tracking:
At this time I do not use cookies or other tracking devices for website visitors. Earthlink and GoDaddy, which is where I host the sites, maintain information about browsers used, where you entered the site, etc. as part of their basic usage statistics package, but the person cannot be identified. It is designed to give information about website use, number of visitors, keywords searched that bring people to the site, etc..

E-Mail/Comments from Website: The e-mail form is processed through a Geotrust's secure server and requires your e-mail address for me to be able to respond. Your email to me usually remains on your computer or mobile device, or the one that you use, and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. I also cannot guarantee a response back to you and cannot guarantee confidentiality of any response because it is your responsibility to safeguard any sensitive information to and from our office. If you use a computer at your place of employment, be aware that many employers monitor e-mail and can access your information from that computer.

Comments on the Blog:
Any comments you make on the Building Better Relationships blog are public and all confidentiality is waived by placing your comments there. I am not responsible for any adverse effects that your comments might have on you personally, on your employment, your relationships or in any other way.

Third Parties:
Your information is considered 'shared' for the following:
• Paypal would have a record of your transaction of an order that is processed through their service. You know clearly that you are purchasing through the Paypal system when the form on my site is connected to them. 
• The premarital course currently goes through a digital delivery service, E-Junkie that uses secure servers and is integrated with Paypal. The quiz is done through Surveymonkey and is not seen by others. Quizzes are deleted from Surveymonkey once the certificate is issued or they are no longer needed. The course will eventually be hosted on Educadium which is a secure website.

For any questions about privacy on this website, please contact us: 
E-MAIL: Click Here for Secure Comment/Question Form

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